How to Add User to Group

usermod -a -G examplegroup exampleusername Example: usermod -a -G www-data amin More: https://www.howtogeek.com/50787/add-a-user-to-a-group-or-second-group-on-linux/


Excel – Potong Ayat

Formula: =LEFT(A7, LEN(A7)-10) Contoh: =LEFT(A7, LEN(A7)-8) bermaksud ambil semua aksara bermula dari sebelah KIRI kecuali 8 aksara yang terakhir.


Increasing Attachment Size in Posfix

Source: https://easyengine.io/tutorials/mail/postfix-attachment-size/ Postfix by default restrict attachment size to approx 10MB i.e. 10240000 bytes. You can check it using following command: postconf | grep message_size_limit To change attachment-size to say 50 MB, run a command like: postconf -e message_size_limit=52428800 Note: If you are running a mail-server with SMTP/IMAP access, you need to change postfix attachment size… Continue reading Increasing Attachment Size in Posfix